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August 2020:

We start meeting on zoom and never meet in person due to the virus/epidemic known as COVID 19. Every one, when leaving their household must wear a mask over their mouth and nose and social distance at least six feet. Also we must wash are hands regularly and sanitize and do are best to keep germs from spreading. 

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September 2020:

Meetings are being held virtually, campouts have been canceled. Started having a lot more meetings on zoom, becoming more effective on technology.

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October 2020: 

October 5 : First time since quarantine we met  in person, all wore masks and social distanced.
October 12: First time since quarantine, we all went back inside Liberty Presbyterian Church for a PLC meeting. All wore masks and social distanced.
October 19: First program since quarantine, inside church, all wore masks.
October 24: Camp out Supreme Wolverines where they all wore masks.

October meeting.PNG

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November 2020:

11/14: PLC meeting via zoom 
11/16: Committee meeting via zoom
11/21: Troop meeting via zoom
11/25: Space Alpaca camp out and practiced social distancing 
11/26: Lazar Turkey campout and practiced social distancing 
11/28: All patrol meetings via zoom 


November Campout.PNG

December 2020:

12/3: Duct Tape campout practiced social distancing 
12/5: Troop meeting zoom 
12/12: PLC meeting 
12/14: PLC meeting, held over zoom because Ohio reached purple in COVID-19  ratings, which is very bad. All campout a a cancelled and all meeting are on zoom
12/21: Troop meeting via zoom
12/28: Troop meeting via zoom


December Campout.PNG

January 2021:

1/4: Troop meeting via zoom
1/11: PLCmeeting via zoom
1/15: Supreme Wolverines patrol meeting held over zoom 
1/18: Troop meeting via zoom

1/25: Court of Honor via zoom

Febuary 20212/1: Troop Meeting

2/8: Troop Meeting

2/15: Troop Meeting
2/19-2/21: Campout (Supreme Wolverines, Space Alpacas, and Laser Turkeys)

Outing theme: Scouring heritage/Morse code signaling
2/22: Troop Meeting

March 2021:
3/1- zoom troop meeting
3/8- zoom troop meeting

3/20: Campout at Lazarus (Ninja Cobras, Siamese Parakeets, and Duct Tape).
3/22- First in person troop meeting since October 2020 at C
amp Lazarus
3/29- In-person troop meeting at camp Lazarus

March meeting.PNG
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