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Troop Camping:


Campouts will occur every month, but only for 3 patrols. Every other month scouts in the Laser Turkeys, Space Alpacas, and Supreme Wolverines will be invited to an outing. The same is true for scouts in the Ninja Cobras, Siamese Parakeets, and Duct Tape during the months when the other 3 patrols are not camping.

Patrol Camping Info:


All patrol campouts should be planned and ready 4 weeks in advance. This includes telling any adults attending the campout, all parents of the scouts in your patrol, and the area you are camping if that applies.  Quartermasters will need to submit a menu and determine supplies needed (and if they need to access the trailer). And remember to send an email to your patrol when everything has been planned.

Upcoming Monthly Calendar:

Monthly Calendar
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